Monday, March 31, 2008

Challenge and the Weigh in #2

Because we had family in town all weekend we moved our challenge to Sunday evening. The challenge for this week was an easy one. It was a battle of wills and who could hold out the longest. We started with having to hold a dog over our head (the hubby got the bigger one who weighed 13lbs while I got the little squirt who weighed 7 lbs.) while laying down. Yes, we dragged our dogs into our weirdo world! So minutes ticked by and our stomaches were grumbling wanting dinner but neither of us would budge. By minute ten we upped it a notch and sat up and had to hold the dogs out in front of us. Tick Tock Tick Tock! The hubby started to get antsy and tiresome while I and the little puppy focused and didn't move. By the fifteenth minute, the hubby dropped Bruno and gave up... I WIN AGAIN!!!

This morning was our second weigh in. I figured since I ate like I didn't care that I wouldn't be the biggest loser. The hubby got on the scale and low and behold, only lost another .24%. Great, so if the hubby lost .24% I must have lost .1% this time. WRONG... apparently when you don't care that is when you lose weight. I racked up 2.46% weight loss! WOOT WOOT!!! I WIN AGAIN!

Wifey: 4
Hubby: 2

So I've decided that since I'm doing this weekly update, I might as well write down my goals too... This week, I'll run 20 miles. I have a 10k this weekend and I'll be running to it (it's 2 miles away). That gives me around ten miles to run before the race. We'll see if that helps or hinders any weight loss!

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