Thursday, March 27, 2008


A few weeks ago we were talking about June is coming up and two of the three of our Southwest Reward flights will be expiring. With memorial weekend coming up, we figured might as well "get outta dodge" and just relax by the pool. We threw around Portland, Phoenix and even Hawaii (for a split second). We finally settled on Phoenix largely due to the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, that is until we saw the weekly TravelZoo top 20!!!!

$199 Hawaii 5-Star Hotel on Waikiki Beach, 60% OFF

Wait... what? nooo... so with a little further looking two of the Sheraton's are uber cheap for that weekend. And with further analysis of the hotels to pick from and a few calls to Southwest about flights and booked it! We even called the hotel and got an even better deal to the tune of $140 a night with ocean view! SWEET!!!! With this wonderful news, we are going to stay four nights. While we wanted to go to another island, we still were excited about it all. We went two years ago for our one year anniversary and did everything under the sun. This time around, it'll be three years since we first met and all that we can think about is hiking Diamond head, snorkeling, laying out and eating at MATTEO's! They have the best Ceasar salad! They make it from scratch right in front of you! OHHH DROOL!!!

(photo taken on Waikiki Beach in 2006)

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