Monday, March 24, 2008

Challenge and the Weigh in...

We had our first challenge on Saturday and I'm happy to report I won! It was who could jump rope the longest and I cleaned house! ;) But as the weekend drew to an end, the record heat got us both tired and any "last chance workouts" where out of the question (other than my typical 10 minutes of abs late at night).

This morning we had our first official weigh in and while I have to admit I did notice the ever so slight indentation of what one can call a waist appear out of nowhere I only lost 0.35% of my total weight. At first I was really bummed about it but while I thought my goal was about losing X lbs, the only thing I really care about is looking decent in a bathing suit and being healthy. So, if I lost 0.35%, how much did the hubby lose? 0.48%! YES... he beat me by 0.13% and thus getting the point for the week. Because we both earned points on the temptation and with my challenge win and his weight loss win, we are tied.

Wifey: 2
Hubby: 2

Today is SUPPOSE to be the start of the boot camp but we found a better one that is a little more but is 5 days a week and six weeks long. Only downfall is that it starts in May. :| This means either join this one too or just do the other one and have to train by myself until then. I think it might be the latter...

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