Monday, March 17, 2008

Let the competition begin...

My obsession for going to a fitness boot camp almost came true today... until the lady who runs it called and told me it starts next week. :| But with my constant chatter about it, my hubby now wants to attend and the "biggest loser competition" was born in our household. We decided a healthy dose of competition is always good to get the other moving.

We set goals for ourselves that don't seem out of the ordinary and decided just like the show, we'll have challenges and temptations that we would take turns being in charge of. With this being week zero and no boot camp in sight, we're going to have to be each other's coaches to get our butt's moving.

The competition will last only six weeks and because of the joy of it all, I figured I might as well blog about the experience and see how it goes. Anyone ever try to lose weight or tone up with their significant other?

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