Thursday, March 6, 2008

And another vacation was born...

With a little downtime today, I decided to check to see how much flights were to Central America on the ever amazing Kayak. While the idea of going to South America is still ever present, Costa Rica and the surrounding areas was a trip we knew we had to do in the next 20+ months. To my surprise, I found tickets to Costa Rica for 300$ including taxes. Shocked and elated, I phoned the hubby and told him the good news, and with a little bit of begging, I convinced him that work would be slow during this time and to take an extra day off. And so, another trip was born. Tonight we will be booking our flights to Costa Rica and Panama! Yes, PANAMA... why? Because I found this:

Eclypse De Mar

I'm so ever excited to start planning another trip. Now I just gotta find my Spanish 101 book. Mi hablo un poquito espanol. :|


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The Shadow said...

I just recently booked reservations for Bocas. I will also be staying at Eclypse de Mar in May. I've only heard amazing things about this place.