Friday, March 28, 2008

Tempation #2

It was my turn to create the temptation while I have to admit, I had all these amazing plans but when it came to my turn, I was lazy and took the easy way out. I created a list of restaurants and labeled them zero through nine. When it was time, we played a game of hoops using the game I got him for Christmas. Then whoever won, would than get to pick a restaurant from the two places his top score was. So if I scored 45 points, I got to choose from restaurant 4 or restaurant 5.

And well, I lost and he got to choose. CHINESE FOOD IT IS! Like the last time, we are allowed to reward each other if we were good, and lets just say neither of us got a point! :| (If we could have subtracted points I'm pretty sure we would have too!!!) Oh well, I guess this means I'll have to actually exercise now!

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