Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I've had a secret passion for writing since I was about 7. It used to be an escape for me when I felt so out of place in life (which was 95% of the time). I wrote fictional stories that just took me to another place and even wrote in journals. In my life, I've filled up about a dozen journals. Some were only a hundred or so pages and the books were small, others were the size of a regular school notebook, 100 page count. There is one though I'm probably the most fond of and yet cant bring myself to read any of it. It's the one of my early twenties. 8X10 size, and holds about 300-500 pages. It's a big sucker and darn it, I wrote on every last page. I don't know why I won't read it. Maybe it will remind me of heartbreak or just feeling like a lost soul. Maybe it is the fact I'm just done dwelling on my past.

I find myself more and more missing writing like I used to. I have a personal blog but I sorta miss actually writing down stuff on paper. I've also noticed this running dialogue in my head about the observations I've made about my surroundings. I used to do this a lot I've gotten soo caught up in the moment I forgot to notice anything around me.

I really don't know where I'm going with this post, it's completely unrelated to planning or anything of substance. I think I just needed to take a deep breath in my posts and write about something I love so much. Has there been something that you've missed since you started planning your wedding?

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