Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The best of the best showers...

As much as I love weddings, I totally adore showers more. I love spending an afternoon being all girly (which I hardly do) and doing girly things. Over the years, while I've been to a ton of weddings, but I've only been to a handful of showers. Here are the takebacks from all the weddings:

  • Flowers Flowers Flowers really make the event. I'm not saying go out and spend a ton of dough, but do go out and get some for tables where food will be placed or any area guests will be around. The aroma is always pleasing and it really brightens up any room!

  • Good food is a must!!! As for quantity, get lots! I know people always say ladies eat less but quite frankly, if there isn't a guy around, we'll eat normally!

  • One word: CAKE! You can have whatever type of dessert you want, as long as you have cake too! It's edible art!!!

  • Games!!! If you've been to one shower, you've been to them all! Make sure you have at least one game that is lively and gets your crowd mingling!

  • Favors! Yes, it is highly suggested to give some type of favor out. It doesn't have to be an expensive favor, but something that you can take home, show off, eat later, etc etc etc.

  • Spend time on the details! Use a color or a theme throughout! It makes such the difference

  • These are the things I've realized and enjoyed seeing in all the showers I've been too. OHHH, one thing that reallly was cool about the one from last weekend was the MOH hired a psychic for the guests. Everyone went up for 10-15 minutes and she gave her thoughts on us. At first I wasn't going to go, didn't really want to know what my future held, and later I caved in. OH BOY was she good at it! At the beginning she called me a planner in life... I about died!!!! It's as if she's known me for years!!!

    What are your favorite things about showers?

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