Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Addictions and fate... all rolled into one little post.

The last two weeks I've been walking around with truly one thing in my head... that I really wanted CrackberryPinkberry. I attempted to combat my desires with jello and nuts, and everything else possibly imaginable...but slowly I caved and like a addict who's excited when they they realize how they'll score their next hit, I jumped for joy (quite literally) when I convinced my husband we deserved it.

Last night on our way to Pinkberry, I sat in the car and imagined the taste and the crunchy texture of Capt'n Crunch would feel like. Once the car stopped, I jumped out and dragged the husband in. Trying to stay polite, I found myself all fidgety until it was my turn to order:


One so it began, the ritual of Pinkberry. Order, Pay, step to the side and watch these teenagers CAREFULLY place each berry on the Delicious dessert. It's like a play, no wait, like an elaborate opera that ends with joy and happiness. Once the dessert is complete, you step up and obtain the tasty delight and off you go.

It's that first taste that is always the best! Getting the right mixture of berries and yogurt with a touch of Capt'n Crunch. Oh the bitter sweet taste! I'm dreaming of it now! And from that point on, your senses are free flowing and time stands still. All because of one little bowl of yogurt!

I thought I would be okay after it. I thought I could just stay away and be okay with my fix...until I went to LAIST and read this! It's fate!!! I think fate is telling I should have more!

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