Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My little List of things to do before 2009

1. Join a boot camp
2. Paint the guest bedroom
3. Travel to Central/South America
4. Cycle 2000 miles
5. Complete 4 half marathons
6. Organize Closet
7. Set up wireless network in the house
8. Do one triathlon
9. Blog more frequently
10. Find out what a set of good abs look on me! ;)
11. Get the Holga up and running
12. Workout at least 10 times a month in the morning before work for 3 straight months!
13. Cook at least two meals at home a week
14. Start taking lunch to work.
15. Get a baby brother for bruno!
16. Finish all wedding related tasks

I'm adding my little list to the sidebar so I can keep on top of it all. What are your goals?

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