Friday, January 11, 2008

Dreams do come true...

I never get to travel for business, wait, I did once, exactly 30 miles for a lunch and a meeting afterward. My husband on the otherhand travels quite a bit. He even is lucky enough to attend really cool conferences where they schmooze and drink and all that fun stuff. (Okay, he's really working but it always sounds like fun)

This spring he has a conference in Orlando. When he told me it was there, my ears turned up and sat up in my chair. Then he said what could be words from a dream: "Wanna come with and go to DisneyWorldbefore the conference?"


I heart all things Disney. He the things I hate about that company, I love. I've been to Disneyland about 1 trillion times and know the park and every little bit of goodness it has to show. I've always dreamt of going to DisneyWorld. I even watched all those Travel Channel shows about DisneyWorld over and over. Then, it got better. He said we could stay there!


Dreams really do come true. I'M GOING TO DisneyWorld!!!!

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