Tuesday, January 15, 2008

VENDOR REVIEWS!!! ...online buys

Papermart: SUPER FAST and everything we ordered was perfect

Envelope Mall: They were courtous and helpful! Well priced and delivery was fast. Overall: A

Zazzle: We bought all 4 different types of stamps, and three types of stickers from here. I really liked how easy and well priced it all was. Overall: A

Bulk Foods: Prices were unbeatable and shipping was fast. If they don't have something in stock, they refund you. Overall: A

My M&Ms: Prices are a little steep and they forgot 30% of my order. They shipped it out superfast and refunded what they messed up on and so I never had to pay for it at the end. Overall: B

Best Bridal Prices: I bought my wedding dress and BM dresses here. They were super kind and the prices are OUT OF THIS WORLD! There was a mix up with my dress but they quickly shippped mine overnight to me. Overall: A-

I think that might be all my online purchases... Any questions?

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