Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning Traditions...

In the morning, we work like robots when we get up.
1.Take dogs outside to potty
2.Make coffee
3.Feed All pet dishes
4.Make breakfast
5.Turn on TV to the Today Show
6.Check email
etc etc etc...

We NEVER deviate from the routine and I love it... but I digress, this isn't the reason I'm telling you all this. Fast forward to Number 5 on the list. While I was munching on my low-fat western bagel and sipping my coffee, I found out a great new site about eliminating waste... I.E. catalogs. (Take the Challenge!) There is a site out there called Catalog that helps you stop getting catalogs! This year, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to do a better job on what we trash and you should too! We only are borrowing the land we live on. We are only here for specks of time so watch what you use!

Okay, I'm off my little soapbox. But still, go check out the site and decline a few of those Victoria Secret Catalogs you get and do something good for the environment! :)

Photo borrowed from Save the World Project!

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