Thursday, January 10, 2008

Writing reviews,

I've realized that writing a review and either help or hinder a company's business. At the moment I've been compiling all my reviews up and have been trying to post them at various different sites. The latest and greatest site I found was ProjectWedding. I spent the evening uploading some photos and posted a few reviews on there.

Any good sites you might know about where I can write a review and help out a fellow bride?


Linda said...

I'm always glad when brides on the knot post their vendor reviews.
Thanks for posting about Projectwedding. Never heard of them before!

Evan said...

I think you should write a review of Luna Bazaar for its paper lanterns, parasols, fans, tea light holders, and other wedding decor. Maybe compare it to other decor sites and give planning brides your guidance and recommendations.

Vigilante said...

I ended up not ordering anything from Luna Bazaar but I did post reviews on companies I ordered things online from. thanks the for the comment!