Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

  • I'm OVER 50% complete with my little wipes. I totally took a week break and forgot about them.

  • I found out last weekend it is getting harder to swing a golf club past a little belly, I think I need to watch some beer bellied men and see how they do it.

  • Everyone is telling me I'm nesting because I'm cleaning or doing house projects, I don't think they truly know me because I am always this way, regardless if there is a little soccer player practicing inside me.

  • Speaking of cleaning, is it normal to feel relieved when you clean out closet or drawer space? Like a weight of bricks were lifted off your shoulders?

  • I'm so looking forward to the weekend because I can finally garden!!!

  • Reminds me I need to weed...or more like, boss the hubby around to weed.

  • I have yet to go to Coffee Bean all Lent. So far, I think I've saved myself 21$. Need to find a random charity to donate my CB money to after Easter.

  • Finally did my glucose test today... no one ever told me it was going to kick my butt! I'm soo tired! Drinking decaf coffee and ate a bagel to celebrate it was over. Probably not the healthiest of things but hey, i'm allowed to have one off morning while pregnant.!

  • Have you noticed I blogged 3 days this week? I wonder if this is a record for me. :P

  • I really want to take a cake decorating class in April but afraid I might get too flustered and toss my cake across the room. You think I might be able to handle a 4 week class without pulling my hair out cause I can't make a rose?
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    Linda said...

    Yea, I think it is a record!
    Good going on those wipes! Yeah!
    Take the class and take deep breaths. If you can't make a rose I'm sure you'll make something else. Good news is you might learn something new.