Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project 12 - March update #2

Let's just get down to the nitty-gritty!

  • Start Pilate classes Really enjoying this!!!

  • Keep training for upcoming 5k (March 27) I haven't been to the gym in the last week... this scares me.

  • Do yoga once a week Found a great prenatal yoga class I'm going to tonight.

  • Take 2-3 walks during work Feeling much better and went on a few walks last week.

  • Do one fun exercise a week Gardening... yes, I spent 4 hours in the garden pulling weeds out. It was fun!!! :)

  • How are you doing working up a sweat?

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    Linda said...

    I'm so happy. They replaced my shadow boxing class with another Zumba class. Now I can Zumba 3 times a week if I get motivated to add that extra day. right now I'm just starting with 2 days.