Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The case of the ever-changing hallway

In the middle of all the changes going on in our lives, we decided to throw another ball in the air. This weekend we did some work on the house, adding a door to the garage from our media room (will post later about that), but also finally changing our hallway color.

When we bought the house, every room was painted a different color. Some okay, others, just too loud for our tastes. After two + years in the house, we are finally kicking out those colors. Case in point: our hallway. This before photo doesn't even do it justice how BRIGHT this burnt orange it really was. When the lights were out and doors were closed, it was like a cave in there. So dark. Now, I don't mind dark, but seriously... this was DARK! So, a week while on our date night we decided to mozy over to the paint supply store and picked up this lovely lighter orange tone... or at least we thought it was. The next day, armed with tape and paint brushes we took over the hallway and painted it. The next day we woke up to a PINK/MAUVE hallway. Ummm... no. After three days of deliberating to see if we liked it, we realized we were just trying to like to cause we didn't want to paint anymore. Well, this weekend, my loving family came over and helped us repaint it. During this repainting time, we figured out a way to totally screw up how to primer something and had to wipe it off... Hense in the before photo all the mess on the orange walls.

We color we ended with was a creme tone. OMG... did I LOVE IT!!!! We added some little art pieces to it liven it all up and just totally pleased with the outcome. (Yes, that's our little werewolf Ringo... I think he just woke up.)


OH DROOL!!! I love finished areas!!!