Monday, March 1, 2010

Project 12 - March

Happy March! Can you believe we are already into the third month of this year?

This month I thought it would be good to just focus on getting our hearts pumping and break a little sweat. Everyone's goals are different but in the end, we all just want to feel healthy. These are my goals for this month:

  • Start Pilate classes more on this later

  • Keep training for upcoming 5k (March 27) Want to walk 45 miles this month

  • Do yoga once a week

  • Take 2-3 walks during work

  • Do one fun exercise a week could be hitting golf balls, tennis, hitting the punching bag...etc

  • There you have it, my new goals for Project 12. I know they aren't as huge as I used to put infront of me but I'm finally being realistic, maybe it's knowing I just won't do a million miles in a month, or that I'm almost 6 months pregnant! :)

    What are your goals for this month?

    1 comment:

    Linda said...

    Same as last month! Keep going to Zumba/Shadow boxing, eat more fruits and veggies, cook more at home!