Thursday, March 4, 2010

The adventures of Pilates... while pregnant

Let's talk about this thing called Pilates. I heard a while ago that Pilates is suppose to be great for you, regardless of your uterine status. :) I've done mat Pilates at the gym but was always intrigued by the all machine that looked like torture devices. Last week the hubby saw an ad in our weekly local newspaper about some special at one of studios in our area. When we walked in the employees were just beyond kind and gave us the run down on it all. Now, I'm one of those people who if you are nice to, chances are I will buy what you are selling (at a reasonable rate of course). It was an easy sell and before I knew it my credit card was on the table and I was signing my life away for 2 years. Yes, 2 years.

Fast forward to our evaluation. Basically it was a orientation to the machines and to try to sell you on one on one instructions (something I knew I would do anyway since I'll need all the help trying to bend around this little bump of mine). Nice and easy and got permission to start taking intro classes. Yea! (I did wonder what if I didn't get the go ahead to take the intro class, what can they do? Is there something more remedial than intro?) The next day we took our first class and well, can I say how FUN are the MACHINES! Only me could find the joy in torture machines. The class was only 30 minutes and there were only 3 of us in there with the instructor. He was so nice and helpful, making sure I didn't overdo it or squish KLM. I think the best part was watching the hubby struggle to get in some the positions while I just jumped straight into them without any issue. Yea for being bendy! :) Time flew and our 30 minutes were up and back home we went. If this is what Pilates is all about, I'm just all over this!

How often will I be going? Twice a week right now. I'm going to try my best to just enjoy this until I can no longer see my feet, and they I'm going, I have till May.

Have you tried Pilates? If so, did you like it?

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Linda said...

I've never done machine pilates but I took a mat class for a few years. I loved it. I wish I could find another class!