Thursday, March 11, 2010

25 Weeks down, 15 more to go ...

...give or take some days. :)

I've noticed I never really talked about how this pregnancy is going. I think when we found out we were so strict on who we told, we didn't even tell my siblings until 12 weeks. Everything seemed to good to be true and just didn't want the other shoe to drop. It was easy to hide the first trimester. I never got sick (aside from the toothbrush incident) and while I did get tired a lot that was it. I lucked out. The second trimester I got my energy back and while some things were hard to do, I still pushed through them. But now I'm getting close to the third, I've realized that I have to start sitting back and letting others lift that box, or put away the groceries. My belly is FINALLY looking like a little baby belly, not just a week long beer binge. So I think it's finally time to make a list of things why I love being pregnant.

1. Apparently I'm glowing. Just last week, I had 8 people (EIGHT!!!) people tell me I have the most amazing glowing skin. Two of which were asking if I switched skin cream and had no clue I was pregnant.

2. I've never been a fan of close fitting clothing but now, all I want (when I leave the house that is) is to wear something that fits nicely around my body to show off my little bump.

3. You know that wive's tale of carrying high for a girl? Well, it isn't true in my case, KLM is very the point I know in about a month I'm going to get something to help carry her.

4. I only had one moment of a true craving. It was 7pm and the hubby was out of town and I was in DIRE NEED of a Hersey bar. I got my Hersey bar the next day and to be honest, I can't remember if I even opened it or just ate the whole thing, wrapper and all. (My guess is that I tore into that sucker and the wrapper just fell to the way side)

5. My theory is that since I didn't morning sickness I'm paying the price with ligament pain. No one ever tells you how BAD it hurts.

6. I can't even begin to tell you the impact KLM has already had on our families. Just on the hubby's side, she's really lightened up the room and brought us into a new time of happiness.

7. We have an album full of photos of KLM. She's not even born and we have TONS of ultrasound photos.

8. I love when the puppies rest their head on the belly, I wonder if they are listening to her swish around in there.

9. When she moves, she makes me smile, and nowadays I'm smiling all day long.

10. My favorite thing is nighttime when we get ready for bed and the hubby talks to his little daughter. When she hears his voice, she starts moving and kicking for him so he knows she's listening. If this was the only thing on my list, I'd still be the happiest person in the world.

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Linda said...

Aw. #10 is so sweet.