Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project 12 - March update #4 final update

Wow, this month is already over? 25% of the year has slipped away!

  • Start Pilate classes Gone about 6 times and am going tonight. Also going to book our first one on one session for next week!

  • Keep training for upcoming 5k (March 27) Finished it and have the medal to prove it!!!

  • Do yoga once a week Been going and just LOVE LOVE LVOE my instructor!

  • Take 2-3 walks during work Keeping this up! In fact, I have a pair of tennis shoes under my desk right now for later! :)

  • Do one fun exercise a week Well, it wasn't fun but instead of doing the treadmill at the gym, I opted for the stair master. PHEW, what a workout!

  • How did you fare this month? Did you keep up the workout routine? Add new things to the mix?

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