Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trail Mix

We're big snackers at the planner household. While at the farmer's market, the hubby asked if we could get fruit for trail mix. We bought some apples and bananas, and used the peaches we already had at the house. After cutting everything up we put them in the dehydrater. This is one of our favorite random kitchen gadgets! After 12+ of waiting, everything was done. Once we took everything off the racks, we packaged it up in small little baggies. Also in the trail mix is our homemade granola, serving of almonds (salted), a few chocolate chips, a few peanut butter chips, and a small pinch of walnuts.

Ohhh sooo good! Do you make snacks at home?

1 comment:

Linda said...

No but I should! Snacks are always high on our list but we can never find things we like enough to eat for a month or so. We get bored quickly!