Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvey Milk Day bill S 572

Normally I don't go into politics on here but I just was sent a petition to sign to Veto California Bill S572, also known as Harvey Milk Day. So, I decided to click to see what the petition said it was. This is what it basically reads:
Whereas, the effect of SB 572 is to openly teach children that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are good and natural and maybe for them;

WHAT? Seriously?

So I traipsed over to the bill and read it online for myself. NOTHING in this says they are teaching kids about homosexuality. Nothing says it will teach kids they should be gay. What it does say it will teach kids about a civil rights leader and his great influence on the 20th century. It also states that 4 other school days out of the year will be dedicated to other subjects:
  • John Muir Day (ecological conservation)
  • California Poppy Day (the importance of natural resources)
  • Teacher Day (about the profession of teaching)
  • Welcome home Vietnam Vets day (kinda like a second Veteran's Day).

    Another thing to note is that this says it ENCOURAGES schools to observe them, so if you send your kid to some ultra conservative school, chances are your kid won't be coming home to tell you all about how a man named after dairy influenced many generations.

    If you happen to see this petition floating out there, get the facts before you sign. It isn't what it reads. You might has well sign one for making facebook free too while you're at it!*

    Btw, it was already passed by the Senate on May 14, 2009 and is awaiting approval by the Assembly before our beloved Govenator signs it into effect.

    *i know facebook is free, this is a reference to the urban legend that will start charging one day.
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