Monday, September 21, 2009

Off the Rack and Into my Closet

Lately I've been buying some pieces to fit into my wardrobe. One thing I love about fall are the colors. I'm not talking about reds and browns, I'm talking deep purples and greys. With my first swing at using polyvore, here are some things I want to rip off the screen and toss into my closet!

Included are a few staples of mine: leather jacket, handbag, and killer heels! You know I love my heels. The taller the better I say!

Have you started to update your wardrobe yet and ifso, what is your favorite new thing?


Sara the Brown said...

I went on a little spree at Ann Taylor and bought a fab purple shirt dress (i'm wearing it in my profile pic!) and great black & white large houndstooth coat. Both are very sixties and I love them! I just need the weather to cool down enough to start wearing the coat!

Linda said...

I'm loving that purple color. I'm having a hard time finding tops or dresses in that color that I like. I defintately need more purple clothes.