Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making a Difference --The Challenged Athlete's Foundation

I have this incredible friend named Marc. If I had to define him in one word, it'd be athlete and not of his disability. I met him years and years ago when we worked together. One day he came into my office and asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride. I figured since I had no life at the time and I was riding a few times a week, it would be a fun time. We rode along the beach, me on my dad's mountain bike, him on his handcycle. What started as a one time ride, quickly grew to a obsession on being on the road. His love for it made me want to branch out and try to break other boundaries. That's how I started running.

When I started pushing myself, he did the same. He branched out and bought a racing wheelchair and competed at the LA Marathon. From there, he had this insane idea he wanted to do go to Kona, the Ironman Championships. So, he jumped in the pool and started to swim. Months went by and he competed in his first half Ironman and placed, cementing a spot at Kona. That fall, he competed in Kona. Last year, The Challenged Athlete's Foundation saw how amazing and inspiring Marc was and sponsored his third trip to compete at Ironman Kona. Since then, he's been trying to repay the favor and help raise money for this great organization.

Next month, he's going to compete in the San Diego Triathlon in hopes of raising money for young disabled athletes who can't afford the gear. Where a regular bike can cost just a few hundred, a handcycle can be up to $2,500. So, I'm asking for all your help. Please help my friend raise some money to for this great cause. Even if it's $10. Anything and everything will help!



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