Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things to do before APR 09 -- Final Update

1. Walk/Run 60 miles (30 done)
2. Cook 15 meals a week (15 down)
3. Save 60% on our grocery bills (65.55% saved)
4. Do one craft project (made a bench)
5. Start saving money for buffet table ( month)
6. Figure out how to work the new camera... this includes uploading photos (SUCCESS!)
7. Switch dressers with the hubby (he doesn't want to switch anymore. BOO!)
8. Go swimming twice at the gym (...)
9. Do boot camp ONCE (...)
10. Start shopping for wine fridge (next month)
11. Read a book (i bought one, does that count?)

Overall, I'm working out more but still not running like i used to. I feel next month's goal will have to target that more head on. I've been to busy to read. Sounds weird but seriously, on top of the book that is sitting on my night stand, I also have about 10 magazines untouched. I think the biggest success was saving money on groceries this month. Last night I sent the hubby to the store with 5 coupons, and he saved 93.77%. The checkout guy said "WOW, can you do my grocery shopping for me?" He got a kick out of that. Overall, I think we will continue to monitor this! :)

how did you do?

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Linda said...

We're still saving about 30% on our groceries. I'm trying to eliminate all little trips. If I don't have it, I can't make it. That's hard for me.