Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breathtaking designs...

I stumbled upon these two dresses on The bride's Guide yesterday and just had to share!!! I know I'm already married but that shouldn't stop me from giving praise to some amazing works of art!

It is made by Junko Yoshioka who is now one of my fave wedding dress designers! Just LOOK at all that bead work! OHH DROOL!

Isn't this one just DE-LISH?! I feel like i can go eat it up it looks soo amazing and light!

Oh, and if I was at the party, I'd totally want to steal those beautiful peonies so I can put them on my night stand! :)

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Rose Ayoub said...

The dresses are gorgeous, but that arrangement of peonies is BREATHTAKING. That was my dream wedding bouquet. .. so sad I didn't get it :(