Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm Little Miss Planner and I'm addicted to all things dirt. I can officially say that I've truly lost it. On Saturday morning, the hubby took me to the garden center so i could get the rake I've been jabbering on about all week long. Unfortunately we left with a trunk full of plants, dirt and other random things that I apparently "needed." Once I got home I changed and proceeded to spent 4 hours weeding and planting and watering and just plain old getting dirty. After I was all dusty and dirty, I walked into the house and gave the hubby a great big hug and told him what I wanted for my birthday (let me remind you it is over 6 months away). This:


You see, I put all my fun tools on the side of the house but as much as I put stuff in some order, it just doesn't sit well with me. I feel uneasy when things aren't in their "place" and my tools need a home. (read: little miss planner has OCD tendencies) I just need a little outdoor closet/shed to keep things tidy.

So there you have it. Today's admission of insanity. Oh, and yes I tried to skim over the fact I planted more... I found this area that looked very unkept on the hill. So I cleaned it out and planted more... 2 types of peppers, more tomatoes and squash. Funny (or sad) part is I DON'T eat peppers or regular tomatoes. My justification... well, i know a lot of people do so we'll give them away! :)


Linda said...

I wish I lived closer. I like peppers and tomatoes!
You are too funny. But at least your obsession is healthy for you. All that sunshine and hard work!

Rose Ayoub said...

HaHa! Your hilarious! I knew you were going to want a tool shed next!

This should be the garden blog. I can't wait to try all the veggies :)