Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fashion Meme

I totally stole this from Silly Little Mischief! Go ahead call me a thief!

Name an item of clothing that has been with you the longest:
Lots of concert shirts but my oldest thing I still wear is my Burro's Soccer shirt from high school. (I only wear this around the house) Yes, my mascot was a burro. I know you are jealous of that!

What’s an article of clothing that you can’t live without (BESIDES jeans, people)?
My running shoes.

Describe your perfect winter & summer footwear:
Uggs (usually under my jeans unless they are skinny jeans) and flip flops

What’s a good, ethical clothing brand you’d recommend?
Ditto SLM's response: American Apparel. Though some people think the owner of the brand is a sex maniac and the campaigns look like 1970's rip off of porno's, I think it's funny.

And what’s a brand you wouldn’t recommend?
I don't give that advice out. To each their own.

What’s the ugliest trend of all time?
Anything neon. So I have to tell you about this skirt I had in seventh grade. It was a three tier skirt, each tier was a different neon color. It was sooo not me but I still wanted it. I feel bad now because I don't think I ever wore it. That is a good thing!

And the prettiest?
This is a hard one, I'd have to go with traditional: pearls and lace.

What colors predominate in your wardrobe?
Black, Brown, Blue, Purple. I do have a fuchsia top on though. :)

What are your vintage shopping strategies (if you have them)?
I have none.

What’s the most insane piece of clothing that you have ever owned?
that neon skirt.

If you could describe the majority of the clothes you own in one word, what would it be?

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Linda said...

I remembered those tiered skirts. I would have been so jealous of your neon one though.