Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Miss Planner's Farm Update #4

Sunday was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL day the hubby and I had no choice to but to spend it out in the yard gardening and taking in the warm rays. I think I might have even accumulated a new freckle! :)

We moved around some plants, planted a bunch more and well, it looks fantastic. As for the garden, we bought oregano, and a melon star bush (no idea what it is but I liked the name so we bought it). But how is everything else doing? The corn is 6 inches tall, the tomato bush is well, bushy! Everything looks soo great!

Here below are some of my pretties:




The peas have grown so much, they are so close to the rope that i think another week or two they will start growing up on it! How's everyone else's garden doing?

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Rose Ayoub said...

It looks so great. And growing mighty fast, I must say. I need to see them in person. I love seeing mini veggies cute!