Friday, April 3, 2009

Ripping a meme off...

I saw this meme on Silly Little Mischief and decided I'd give it a whirl!

1) How do you like your grilled cheese?
wheat bread with shredded mixed cheese, cut into small squares, easy for dipping into my tomato soup!

2) Where did you go on your last vacation?

3) Who are your godparents?
my grandparents, they even named me.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'd be happy right where I am living, job wise...who knows. Wishful thinking I'd be doing something something else.

5) Where are you at noon everyday?
Mon-Fri, I'm at my desk. Weekend's, i like to change it up.

6) How many speeding tickets have you gotten?
5 i think... but haven't gotten any in the last 6 years! GO ME!

15) When was the last time you swam?
last summer

16) What do you order at Subway?
veggie delite is my fave! (It's the word of the day! you say it, everyone screams!)

17) Do you keep your closets organized?
Yes, by sleeve length and thickness of article of clothing. Oh, and color too.

18) How do you make headaches go away?

19) Have you owned a beta before?
fish yes, digital equipment, no.

20) If you moved out of state where would you go?
If i could convince the hubby to move, it'd be to Seattle.

22) Did you attend pre-school?

23) What do your shower curtains look like?
Cream, with little palm trees.

24) Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
of course.

25) How do you make eggs?
scrambled, fried, hard boiled

26) Where do you wash your clothes?
in our garage

28) Who are the neighbors who live to the right of you?
A nice family

29) What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise?
like him as an actor.

30) What is the next vehicle you wish to buy?
MDX but we're talking YEARS away, mine's less than a year old still.

31) Do you pay bills online or by mail?
90% online, 10% mail

32) What would be the best gift someone could get you right now?

33) What is something stressful you will deal with next week?
next week? hmm....dunno.

34) What is something in your home that you collect?
wine and wine glasses

35) What did you do last night?
ate sherbet, chatted with friends, watched the end of a Collateral (funny, Tom Cruise is in that), and slept... OH, woke up around 530 to clean up a little puppy's puke. fun stuff!

36) Who did you last see?
my coworkers

37) How do you take your coffee?
a spash of ff milk and 2 yellow/blue packets

38) What is the oldest thing in your fridge?

39) On your keyboard what key is wearing out from pressing it so much?
space bar has a little wear and tear in it.

40) Where do you put your keys when you come home?
in my hand bag

41) Where do you go for Thanksgiving?
away... we take a big or small trip during that holiday. it's tradition!

42) How old will you you be in 2010?
31 for most of the year.

43) What actor or actress would play you in a movie?
umm... maybe gennifer goodwin? dunno really.

44) How much cash is in your wallet?
$50 (which is shocking because i NEVER have cash)

45) Would you have a one night stand with your favorite movie star?

46) What color is your phone?

47) If you were starving to death would you eat a pet?
Nope. Pets do not equal food.

48) Ever been to Alabama?
Yes I have. long long ago!

49) What kind of accent do you have?
SoCal accent. it isn't even funny.

50) What kind of alcoholic drinks are in your fridge right now?
beer, champagne, and wine.

(yes, i did notice i went from upper case to lower case on random occasions... but it's FRIDAY!!!! i could go fix it but i won't since it's my blog!)

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Linda said...

Yeah! Come live in Seattle!
For a while Tai wanted to move back to LA. I don't think I'd do well there.
And I'm glad someone else organizes their clothes similarly.