Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An adult looking room...

We finally added the last few touches to our master bedroom. Nothing fancy but just spruced it up to make it look like we live there. We loved how it turned out when you clean things off and add a few decorative pieces.

First off, the hubby's night stand...

He loves having a little plate to put his keys and wallet when he gets home.

My side, not too dirty, just blah.

Yes that frame doesn't have any photos in it but we ordered a really neat one of us from our honeymoon in Bali we're going to put in it. I thought about putting some flowers there but it just didn't fit so I made a little arrangement with some wheat, straw and coffee beans. It smells soo good in the morning!

Now, the long dresser... it ended up always being a place we toss stuff on and it just ends up getting piled up. So, here it is cleaned off...

I LOVE how this turned out. It was just a few things we added from our trip to Home Goods.

and what did I end up doing for artwork?

After going back and forth on what we wanted, artwork, photos blown up, we ended up getting some iron art work. It really tied in a lot of the room.

and ringo... hamming it up like he always does when he sees the camera! I think he must have been a model in a former life!

Our end thoughts on how it turned out? Simply divine!


Linda said...

I love the iron piece over the bed.

Rose Ayoub said...

Linda, I love the iron design over the bed. How gorgeous is that?! And you got it from home goods? I must go there this weekend. It is lovely!

The room looks sophisticated and still personal. I love it.

You really inspire me. You are so creative!

Awesome job and definitely Devine!!

Apryl said...

looks great Linda Lou! you are a great decorator!