Tuesday, December 11, 2007

VENDOR REVIEWS!!! ...the travel agent

I hate writing less than admirable reviews about people but sometimes you gotta help out the fellow bride or just anyone in general. We're going to work backwards for this one and start with the grade: "C" for Fiji Travel.

I worked with one of the agents at the company to book our honeymoon and while we had a great time, there was one reason they received such a low score, their customer service. Before booking I repeatedly told them EXACTLY what time we needed to fly out. After they agreed, we sent out our deposit and all was good. One month later I got a weird thought and wondered if they could send us the itinerary. When I opened it up, they booked us to fly out the NIGHT of the wedding, not the day I requested (the day after). At one point, I was yelling in the phone (if you can tell, I really am not that pushy) telling him HE was the one that made the mistake. For 45 minutes, I wasn't budging and was pushing the point he screwed up. I even had the emails to prove it. He finally changed the flights to the correct date.

If it wasn't for this one event, they would have received a better grade. The trip they booked primarily consisted of airfare, one hotel (that I picked out and found prices for), and transport to/from airport at destination. I did the rest of the work picking our our excursions. Would I ever recommend them to anyone? No. I'm not afraid that they would make the mistake to them, I'm afraid they would treat them as poorly as they did to fix it.

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