Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I find myself uncovering leftover OOT bags, ribbon, STD's that I forgot to put away, and lots of other little random things. Now the question is what do I do with them? I'm putting away a little "time capsule" of our wedding day. Okay, you got me, it's just a Rubbermaid bin that will end up in the garage. :) But what do you do when you have more than you need left over? Just dump it?

Also... I have my bouquet still. I really wanted to give it to Matt's Grandma who couldn't make it but that never happened. It ended up outside where it dried out and now it's sitting on one of our wine cabinets. Do I keep it? Do I chuck it? I've decided to see if people will really vote... so I will test out the little poll system!

Please vote. What would you do?

1 comment:

Laura said...

Call me unsentimental but I would chuck it. What are you going to do with it? If you have a plan for it, then keep it, but it sounds like it's just sitting around gathering dust.