Thursday, December 6, 2007

Swing... miss....

That was me about 1/4 of the time last night when my Hubby took me to the driving range to break in my golf clubs! Okay, I didn't break them all in, just my 9 iron. But it being my first time, I hit the majority of the balls correctly and got air on a ton of them! I must be a natural! :P

Then after we got home, I quickly got the chicken ready and put it in the oven and went for a run with the fur ball. I was jogged, ran, sprinted, and walked...while even throwing in some luges in there for two blocks! I'm not too sore today but I think after tonight (going to Bikram Yoga) I think I'll be done for. I also want to get another run in before tomorrow because of the rain.

I think I'm going through a need something new to exercise phase. I think next up will be some form of boot camp. We'll see if I last at that!

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