Thursday, December 6, 2007

Photo Books... Part 1

Since we got engaged, I've used every excuse to order a photo book from different makers testing out the quality before I make a decision to go with one for my actual wedding photo books for our parents (and ourselves).

I started with my bridal shower through Picaboo and because it was my first purchase, I was able to receive a free book. The quality of the book was amazing. From the binding to the colors of the photos! My only con was the paper of the book wasn't as thick as I wanted.

Next I ordered my husband a book as a present from Kodak Gallery. It was filled with photos from all the trips and events we went on. The binding and the paper were good. The cover was great but the colors of the photos were eh.

Thirdly, after two of my BMs sent me photos of the wedding, I created a book through snapfish. The book was just okay. Nothing to brag about. The binding was decent but again, the colors were not to my liking. Also the paper wasn't very thick.

Then I found an a good article from Slate: Which Photo Web site creates the best photo album?. While it lists five or six sites, it doesn't evaluate the newer websites. (article written in 2006) I also found a great forum debating pros and cons of ALL the sites out there and a great article from New York Post. Lastly, here is a message board feed from Weddingbee debating all this.

I think I might make a little photo book of my Bacholerette Weekend through Blurb to test it out. We'll see how that goes! :)


Laura said...

I take it that out of Picaboo, Kodak and Snapfish, Picaboo was your favourite? We're going the same route so I'll check out all the sources you listed. Thanks!

Vigilante said...

I loved Picaboo and might just end up using them. The only downfall was the paper was a bit thinner than the rest of the books and with Blurb you can get archival paper for your books (make's the pages a bit thicker). I'll make one tonight and buy it and post once I get it in the mail.