Monday, December 10, 2007

Little things I Learned along the way...

When planning my wedding, I felt soo lost at times. You get into a territory that is a world of its own. You don't know what is worth the stress and what isn't. You learn what you should skimp on and what you shouldn't. Sometimes you get hung up on minor details you forget that NO ONE will notice what color the ink is on a menu or that you didn't drink from personalized flutes (or that you didn't drink from them at all --like us).

**The lists below are showing my own personal opinion.

Venue -- When looking at locations, think about the little things like, if you want to dance where will that go? How about a bar? How many tables? Is there special lighting in the room (dimming or areas that spotlight)? What do the walls look like? Also, what is in the surrounding area outside? What is the food like? Do they have the options for serving you prefer? How much time do you REALLY have at the site?

I think you should feel comfortable with what the price tag is with what you like. Spend what you need!

-- These photos are going to last you a lifetime. Not only are they yours, they are your kids, grand kids, parents photos of your wedding! When you start researching, start making a list of what style you like best. Then start narrowing it down by that. Also ask for details about who owns the copyrights of the photos, do you get proofs? How many? What about albums?

It isn't soo much of a splurge item... but it is definitely a necessity.

Videographer -- Even if you hate yourself on video, think about how your kids and grand kids would love it! Even if you don't hire anyone, at least, get someone to tape it.

I didn't want it at first but I remember one of my favorite things growing up was watching my parents video of their wedding. And when I found a videographer who shoots the style like my parents video, it was fate! Now our children will be able to watch their parents get hitched...again and again and again! I definitely wasn't cheap on this part for me!

Flowers -- Whatever you do, make sure you ask to see a mock up of the centerpiece before the wedding...even if you have to pay! Outline EXACTLY what you want and make sure to get multiple quotes. Find ideas of the style you like and take them with you.

I was timid with our florist and my flowers suffered. I'm a perfectionist and this is my one regret, not speaking up. Spend the cash to get what you want. If you want them professionally done, great, if not, research on what type of arrangements you want and price it out. Anything is possible! Realize that your centerpieces are going to be the MAIN thing your guests will be noticing during the reception!

Stationary -- Invitations, STDs, programs, menus, etc etc etc. Most importantly invitations. Realize that by making your own you might not be saving THAT much money. The programs and the rest, if you have the time to make them, great, if not, who cares! No one will be mad if you don't make them!

From start to finish, all my stationary supplies cost around $$$$. It would have been less expensive for me to just order than and save me the heartache and time!

Favors -- What is someone going to do with that thing after your wedding? This should always be your number one question.

We wanted to complement our mood with our favors: Mumm's Sparkling Wine in velvet bags, little mini velvet bags with chocolate coins, and a candy buffet. We spend a GOOD chunk on this and frankly I thought it was worth it for me. It brought in both styles I wanted to convey.

Attire -- Find the style of dress you like! And if you are saving money, there ARE alternatives to David's Bridal! Check out local boutiques and even higher end stores for their sample sales. And when you shop, only try on dresses in your price range. Why hurt yourself if you fall in love with a $5k dress when you only have $1000 to spend. Don't settle either. Find the dress that you LOVE!

I found the dress I loved in the price range. It gave me the excuse to splurge on the shoes!

..........I know there is a ton more to talk about these are always the biggest things! When you first set out, before making a budget, talk to a few others who just got married. Learn what the basic costs of things are. THEN set your budget! Also budget for MISC. You never know what may come up!

In the near future, I will be posting my budget and how it came out but it will be after I finish up posting about everything else!

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