Friday, December 21, 2007

Blurb = booo!

So yesterday night, my husband brought in a thin package and it happened to be the photobook I made with Blurb of my Bachelorette party. Let me just say, the only thing good this company has got going for them is the sleeve of the book! It made it look professional! As for what was inside, my printer could have done a better job! The photos looked like they were Xeroxed.

So with the limited design software, the uploading issues, and the book itself, I'd give them a D.

If you are looking for a photobook company for your wedding photos, keep searching!

Next book will be bought from VioVio to test out!

In the order of who I think is the best so far as far as consumer photobook companies:

1. Picaboo
2. Kodak Gallery
3. Snapfish
4. Blurb

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