Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Photo Books... Part 2

Part 1

I ended up making a 20page book of my Bachelorette party using Blurb. I have to admit, I was less than thrilled with their software to make the book. Then again I'm sorta snobby when it comes to this stuff. There were limited templates and the software just felt basic. I guess I shouldn't expect to be wowed by that but I was hoping. The price is cheap but then again, I'd rather pay more and get a higher quality book.

I just found a few other sites: and PhotoWorks.

In a forum I found the following little tidbits:
    • Photoworks is very "consumerish." Photoworks also redoes the color of all of your photos. So if you're a pro who is very careful of your colors, contrast, etc etc.. you don't want some one-size-fits-all curve adjustments being applied to your photos. I emailed photoworks and they said they cannot exempt any photographs from going through their "special" kodak processing.

    • I have tried about 15 different ones. The best ones I have found for my own shots are the coffee table books, soft cover from You can get a very nice 80 page book for $25. They print there logo and website on the back also. What I have done when I have made them for other people is to stick a label with my website over top of the one that they printed, then they will call me.

    • Also I have ordered books from Cornerstone. They have the Art Deco coffee table books. Real nice and the price is fairly reasonable although significantly higher than picaboo. But the quality is significantly better.

    • fyi - provides color profile details for you to use when submitting the images. They don't color adjust.

    • i ordered a hard cover photo book and a soft cover photo book from shutterfly and i must say that while i am happy with both, they are not (imho) professional level products. that is, i think i'd look for another vendor if i were making something for a business client.

    • VioVio and Asuka book seem to produce high-quality books at very reasonable prices. I believe viovio deserves to be seriously considered by anyone who appreciates a quality product. I do not believe anyone would be reluctant to show a book from viovio to a client.

I could go on and go but really, what's the point. I read countless comments and I think VioVio is next book I'll test out with our upcoming trip to Manhattan and D.C. I can't seem to find the link to Cornerstone because if it's better than Picaboo books I'm there. MyPublisher has had a lot of hit or miss comments so I think I might have to end up making an album to test that one out too. As far as Asuka Books, you need to be Pro to gain access to ordering books so they are out.

I should be getting the Blurb book back by Christmas. And will post more about this subject.

Source of Forum thread,Here and Here

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