Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wardrobe changes...

Some brides change dresses, I'm changing shoes.... three times!

I just got my reception shoes. Since with grass and gravel and everything that despises heels, I figured I should buy another pair so I could walk around. I found these babies for 55.95$ at Zappos with shipping included. At first I wasn't too crazy on them but then I remembered I'm not really showing these shoes off too much and figured if I hated them, I could always return them for free. When they came, I quickly put them on, and low and behold they were comfortable and the correct heel length (3.75in) and passed the grass test.


Though I doubt I might not wear them again I'm very happy with this purchase! This will be the first pair of shoes for the reception, the second pair I'll have are my trusty old navy white flip flops! :)

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