Monday, October 8, 2007

First little UH OH...

We had our first little mini fiasco last Friday. The restaurant where we were going to have the rehearsal dinner called to let us know we no longer had a closed off room. :| The ever so calm me, quickly went into gear and called a few places and found a new place to host the dinner.

Before booking, we went to dinner on Friday to test out the menu and my GOODNESS was it amazing! Price wise, it was okay. Definitely a little pricier than what I expected but when my FI told his parents, they thought it was a great price. So from a back room to renting out the entire restaurant for just us, we are going to eat like Italian royalty! We just finished picking out the menu and am very excited to have a dinner like this before the weekend begins for our wedding party! Even though I was thrown this curve ball, I like to think I hit this one out of the ballpark!

I feel much better about being a slacker on the rehearsal dinner invites!

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