Thursday, October 18, 2007

A tradition I wish I would do...

Turkish Shoe Signing Tradition
Try a who-will-marry-next tradition that Turkish brides have been practicing for generations. Before you start down the aisle, have your single bridesmaids (or any female friends or relatives who've yet to marry) autograph the sole of your bridal shoe. After you've danced the night away (and tossed your bouquet), legend has it that the person whose name has faded the most will be the next to marry.

Hmmm... while I really love this tradition because all it takes is a signature from your BMs, I won't be dancing the night away in my first pair of shoes. Do I make them sign the second pair? Or do I do the first pair cause they are really the shoes you're suppose to do them in? Or, just not do this at all just in case I want to wear the shoes again... what am I kidding, I won't re-wear them again!

Okay, I've become over analytical on this in a the matter of a few minutes of me even thinking about posting this. (I blame the the dueling weather sites giving me opposite information thus turning my tummy into knots!) I think I'll see how I feel that morning and if I chuck a pen at a BM then I guess they're signing the soles of my shoes! :)

Find any fun traditions you thought about doing?

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