Thursday, October 11, 2007

My name is Little Miss Planner... and I'm addicted...

to coffee.


{Little Miss Planner} It started a number of years ago when I was a barista for a local coffee shop. That summer I was drinking red eyes like it was water and couldn't figure out why I had headaches in the morning. I hit rock bottom one day when I have 6 shots of espresso on a 4 hour shift. After I quit to go back to school, I had withdrawals but fought the addiction and was coffee free for years!

Then when my FI (when he was just BF) and I went to Seattle and Vancouver for Christmas and New Years I picked up the habit once again. One large coffee in the morning, one in the afternoon. When we got back, it was the same thing at the office, but it slowly grew to 5 cups a day. When I didn't have my fix bye 10 am I was dying.

I tried to quit a handful of times but it never stuck. I'd last two days and give into the caffiene headache. But slowly my wedding day crept up and because I'm lame and forgot to use my gift certificate for Zoom Whitening in enough time, I have to result to trays from the store. But today is the day, I used my first tray this morning and I will give up COFFEE till after the wedding. :)

Anyone else dealing with this problem? On top of the stress of just the fact your wedding is around the corner, I now get to have wretched caffiene headaches. Talk about whip cream on your mocha! :P

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Laura said...

Okay now I feel like a wuss, because you are giving up FIVE cups a day for teeth whitening, and I only drink 1 cup a day and am not actually addicted, I just like my coffee. But I don't want to give it up to get my teeth whitened. And honey, I need my teeth whitened like nobody's business... this is stubbornness in the extreme.