Saturday, October 6, 2007

Testing... 1. 2. 3...

Last night we decided to do a little test with our first dance. We locked out the pet mafia (cat & dog) outside to give us a little piece and quiet.

First we checked our the new first song (You're my Guardian Angel) and with the way my FI dances with me... it was a NO go! Then we checked out our old first dance (Just Like Heaven redone by Katie Melua) and that too was a NO go.

Figuring out that we needed just a bit more of a uptempo type of song, we pulled out some big band and jazz songs and found out its a perfect sound. So, with all this finding the prefect song with the perfect words, I was completely forgetting about the main reason for the song, the actual dance. I guess I relied too much on words to guide me when I should have looked for something that let us be us, regardless of anything else.

Now we have songs... multiple! Now we have to whittle down those five songs into one. But it is a breath of fresh air that I've finally realized this. The details are more visual than verbal when it comes to the first dance. Granted a pretty song is nice and all but when you got a guy who wants to sway a bit faster, it's all about how we look and how very happy we will be that day!

How did y'all pick your first song? Did you practice it out?

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