Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Living up to the name...

Yesterday the rest of the candy came in! In total, there must be close to 50 lbs of candy for the candy buffet. We decided to set it all up, take photos and outline directions on how and where to set up everything! :)

We even made a cute little banner for the table. Simple and easy to make! I used MS Word (of course!) and just made triangles with their shapes. Then used their word art and placed each letter on top of the triangles! To make sure things didn't move around I made them into pdf files*.

For the poles on the sides, I took two wooden sticks (you can find them at any local craft store) and placed them in plastic cup filled with Plaster of Paris and let it dry. Once dry, we took them out, cut little sleeve on top of each to slide the ribbon through and tie them up. Then put little wooden spheres on top to hide the ribbon. :) Very simple and easy task.

(*If you don't have software to create pdf files, go to Create PDF. You get 5 free!!!)

Photos of the candy buffet will be posted after the wedding! :)

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Gee said...

This is a great idea and looks super cute! Am posting a link to you on my blog :)