Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cutting out the excess...

With a bit of a blow (and probably more of gift from god), my little helpers (nieces) aren't going to be able to help with wedding day prep this weekend. Annoyed and put off, I think I should be happy that I don't have to deal with bickering teenage siblings! :) I know, I should be nice, but sometimes it's faster to just do it yourself than deal with drama.

I told my FI and he was a bit put off, him insisting I call friends up to help, I quickly snapped and told him he is helping me instead and should shut it. He realized I was tired and just got quiet and said okay. I even talked to my Mom and she said she was willing to come down for the day to help out with everything.

So what does Wedding Day prep entail?

  • Table placements --printing and putting them in the frames

  • Name tags -- print, stick on ribbon and stamp them with the table name

  • Put champagne splits in bags and place name tags on them

  • Table Favor bags --add tag to them

  • Print out tags for table favors

  • Put champagne splits in bags

  • Check all Chargers to make sure we have enough

  • Count out candles for tables and get votives for all of them

  • Get mini candles for the lanterns and place aside

  • Print out the rest of the Candy tags and place ribbon on all of canisters

  • Order medal scoops and tongs for Candy Buffett

  • Send programs to the printers

Okay... I think that's probably about it. I think that's the detailed version of the list. I remember thinking about all these things months ago and how I knew I'd work on them two weeks before the wedding. I wanted the last weekend to be relatively stress free. I guess we'll see!

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