Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Riding in style...

About a million months ago, I booked our transportation to the church and for photos off site. When I kept doing the math, I realized we would need two small limos or one big one... well... we got the big one! I present to you the Super Stretch Hummer:

Our Hummer Stretch is the perfect choice for weddings, wine tours, sporting events, corporate excursions, and many other special occasions. With seating for up to 18 people, you can ride in style with its plush leather seating and state of the art interior.

* Seating for 15-18
* DVD/CD with Surround
* Plush Leather Interior
* Tinted Windows
* Lounge Style Seating
* Starlight ceiling
* 3 Bar Stations

Seriously... does someone really need 3 bar stations? A part of me wants to bring a DVD just to see if it really works! :P I'm not knocking it's extravagance, it just seems odd that I'll be "going to the chapel" in this kick @ss monster of a vehicle!

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