Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Thanks...

Before I made the thank you notes for the wedding, I wanted to make personalized ones for my bachelorette party and make sure they would work for the wedding. (I used stardream quartz notecards I bought from envelopemall, photos prints from Costco, and some ribbon I had! I attached the ribbon with double stick tape and then add more tape for the photo and that's pretty much it. Very easy to make!)

The photo isn't the best but it was the only one where we all had our glasses!

While I only had to make five for the girls that were there, I made one for the driver of the wine tasting tour we took! He made the trip all the more fun! I also made one for a keepsake for myself! I really looked forward to writing these out so I can personally thank each of the girls who took the time out of their lives to spend it with me. It really affirmed how much each of these ladies mean to me!

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