Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trying to stay hip... CSN Preview...

  We've always tried to live a hip existence.  I think I use clothing, travel, and decor to mask my unhip-ness and inner geek.  Having a kid, kinda kept me off the map on what is trending now and what is cool.   With the house, I knew I needed some help with  modern décor.  In the middle of flipping through websites and trying to find splashes o' fun while not spending a boat load for a gazelle (was it a gazelle Joey bought and if you get that reference you are hip!) that will look tacky in 3 months, I received a great opportunity to help me out.  CSN stores is literally wonder to be hold.  They have everything under the sun and gave me a chance to do a review on one of their stores that feature items for  just what I was looking for. 

  Looking at all our options from vases, figurines, fireplace accessories, and everything else under the sun, we decided that adding some accent pillows will give our room that pop it needs to keep us looking and feeling a little hip.  Not to crazy but just enough to say we can be whimsical too? No? yes?  Just right?! 

  I can't wait for them to arrive and see how it looks.  I have a feeling all this will do is make me want to spruce up the room more and poor hubby will have yet another project on his hands.  

Thanks CSN for the opportunity to preach about your awesomeness!

This blogger received a promo code and did not receive financial compensation. 

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