Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things to do before 2012

Wow... that year went by fast!!!  Time to do my Things to do List for 2012:

  1. Pay my car off
  2. Re-Organize back closet for inventory space
  3. Get the garden up and going again
  4. Launch our online store
  5. Go to Hawaii - Big Island
  6. Blog 2 Months Straight
  7. Cook 1 new meal I haven't cook before every week for one quarter
  8. Cook 1 slow cooker recipe every week for one quarter
  9. Take a vacation to a destination I've never been to
  10. Stay at a Disneyland hotel 
  11. Go to Baby and Kids ABC Expo
  12. Clean out my closet
  13. Go to New Mexico
  14. Log 500 miles running/walking
  15. Go to the Zoo
What's on your list?

1 comment:

*Live*Laugh*Love* said...

Thats a great list! Good luck!